Mather AMP Cabinets

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Should You Consider Using Mather AMP Cabinets?

There are many debates going on at the moment when thinking about amp cabinets and it is obvious that some people will recommend Mather amp cabinets while others will tell you to go for something else. This is mainly due to the fact that using and buying any amplification unit for a guitar is a matter of personal taste and experience. The good news is that Mather amp cabinets are considered to be among the best in the business.

The interesting thing is the fact that Mather amp cabinets only appeared on the market in 1996. While some people will disregard them and tag them as inexperienced, the truth is that there are many different professionals in the industry that are currently using their products. The company is specialized in:

  • Cabinet construction
  • Cabinets built in a Marshall Style
  • Cabinets built in a Fender Style
  • Special custom cabinets
  • Grill cloth and vinyl color options

As you can easily imagine, Mather amp cabinets are usually custom built and created based on the demand of the client. Besides this part of the business, there are also some regular amp cabinets that are on sale and it’s a good idea to check them out if you think value for money is important.

What Are People Saying About Mather AMP Cabinets?

Since the guitar player world is one in which musicians collaborate a lot, it is quite easy to find information about any amp cabinet manufacturer in the business. We are sure that you want to know what people are saying about Mather and see if there are negative reviews presented on the Internet.

You will be happy to learn that there are no negative reviews and those that bought a unit from them are satisfied. The only problem that could appear is to not like the sound that comes out. As already mentioned, choosing an amp cabinet is mostly linked to your style. Some people will not like the sound that comes out of Mather amp cabinets and others will simply love it.

Vintage Amp Units

If you are looking for amp cabinets with a vintage look, then Mather is definitely a choice that you want to consider. They are currently specialized in such units and people that bought the custom work were very satisfied with what they received. You can make many different choices and a specialist will work with you in order to deliver Mather amp cabinets according to your special needs.


Even if the vintage units are the ones that make you want to buy Mather amp cabinets, the other ones are not bad and should be considered. The prices are affordable and it’s good to know that quality is never sacrificed. Mather manages to deliver a quality that is much higher than with most manufacturers on the market, even if the company only opened a few years ago. This is definitely one firm that you want to work with and that you have to think about buying from if you are looking for high quality amp cabinets.

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