Are Mojo AMP Cabinets Recommended?

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Are Mojo AMP Cabinets Recommended?

Mojo amp cabinets have gained quite a lot of popularity lately. There are many people that decided to use them and it is really easy to understand why. The average quality of the units that are sold at the moment is really high and a lot better than a big part of the competition. Also, the diversity offered makes them very attractive options.

While some manufacturers simply focus on building one type of amp cabinet, Mojo takes it one step further. You can find various types of Mojo amp cabinets on the market, including:

  • Fender style cabinets – both Tweed and Blackface
  • British style cabinets – vintage British units are available
  • Mojo Lite Cabinets – these are economical and lightweight
  • Mojo Select Cabinets – designed to help you save money on a large order
  • Custom cabinets – based on the personal choices of the client

What Mojo AMP Cabinets To Consider?

Before we talk about this topic, it is important to understand that absolutely all Mojo amp cabinets are of a really high quality. They are guaranteed to offer the sound that you are looking for. That might seem a little farfetched but there are not many people that complain after using a cabinet that was manufactured by Mojo.

The choices that are available are numerous. You will need to spend some time and analyze as many units as you can, while taking into account your personal needs and budget. When referring to needs, you have to consider why you are buying the cabinet and where you ntend to use it. For instance, if you just want to play inside your room, a small, Lite unit is more than enough. If you want to play in front of thousands of people, you might decide that one of the Fender Mojo amp cabinets is much more recommended.

When referring to price, most people do not understand this topic properly. It is true that Mojo units are a little more expensive but this happens because of the fact that the quality offered by the company is as high as they get. This basically means that you can expect to pay more because you receive more.

Should You Consider Mojo AMP Cabinets?

Absolutely! These are among the best that you can buy but you need to understand the fact that choosing amps is something that has to be personal. Guitarists love the sound that they create and they want everything to come out exactly as they want it. There is always the chance that you will not like what an amp unit does for you.

Our recommendation is to give Mojo amp cabinets a try if you have the possibility to do so. You might love it or you might hate it. Everything boils down to a personal choice that you can only make when you see exactly how a specific amp reacts to you playing. Play with the tweaks and with the channels and if you do not find what you like, a custom unit might be in order for you.


Are Mojo AMP Cabinets Recommended to Buy?

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