How To Buy Best AMP Cabinets

Tips On How To Buy Great AMP Cabinets

There are many things that are not properly understood when referring to guitar amp cabinets. Most people simply end up buying the first amp cabinet that they find, without actually looking at the important factors that need to be considered. You do need to ask yourself some questions before you make such an investment. This will help you to make the best choice that is perfect in your case and to buy one that you will love using even years from now.

Size And Power Of Guitar AMP Cabinets

There are many people that choose to go for custom amp cabinets because of the fact that they need specifics based on the application. It is important that we think about application because this will dictate the power and the size of the amp cabinets that we have to consider.

A beginner will only need a small amp cabinet to practice and a power of 30 Watts should be enough for this purpose. However, if you are experienced or if you currently play in a band, you should consider custom guitar amp cabinets that go as high up as 100 watts or even more.

AMP cabinets are usually combo amps or include a head and a cabinet. The combo guitar amp cabinets show the head and the cabinet linked to each other to create a single unit. In most cases, such a unit is smaller than the alternative and will occupy less space, even if there are many amp manufacturers that are currently trying to make mini stack units popular. Size is really important when analyzing amp cabinets, especially when you have to play in a small room. The full size stacks do take up quite a lot of room space.

Solid Or Tube?

These are the two major amp types available on the market at the moment. Most of the good guitarists will say that a tube amp cabinet will sound better and it is really hard to argue with that. However, everything will boil down to taste as well. A tube amp will be more expensive and you will have to pay more attention to maintenance when compared to the solid amp. The tube amp includes vacuum tubes and they have to be replaced when they are no longer running in a proper condition.

Amp cabinets and even most custom guitar amp cabinets include a minimum of 2 channels. One is clean and the other one is overdrive or crunch. Every single channel that is included in guitar amp cabinets can achieve various distortion rates. Software is quite popular nowadays and it is utilized in many popular amps. However, these are solid amp cabinets and even if most people believe that tube is better, the solid amps are constantly improving and they are better than they were years ago.

Foot Switches

There are many people that want to buy custom guitar amp cabinets because of the fact that they want a foot switch. Most of the amps in the market have a manual switch that can be used to change between channels but that is rarely enough for an accomplished guitarist. The foot switch is usually extra and if you want complete control, you might want it to be perfectly suitable for the type of amp that is used.

Analyzing Prices

Prices can determine whether or not you buy some amp cabinets as every single person looking for these items has a budget. It is really hard to afford the really expensive custom amp cabinets for most beginners and it is also not necessary to buy them. If you are a beginner, there is no real reason why you should spend too much for an amp that you are not going to use. A decent combo amp cabinet can be bought for around $200 and it is more than enough for most people that just started playing the guitar.

Half stack amp cabinets are more expensive and the custom guitar amp cabinets can cost the most, based on the wishes of the buyer. It is recommended that you are sure you will keep playing the guitar for a long time if you think about investing a lot of money in amp cabinets. Most people that start playing any instrument will eventually give up so too much money put into equipment is not at all a good idea.

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A Word About Custom Guitar AMP Cabinets

A guitar enthusiast will always dream about custom amp cabinets since they think they are a lot better than regular amp cabinets. It is true that the custom equipment is more special, especially when referring to design. You can basically let your personality shine and you will easily be able to choose every single aspect of the customization process. However, there are problems with custom amp cabinets as well.

It is very important that you only buy custom made equipment from those manufacturers that have a lot of experience. Look for those that created such units for really well known musicians and that have flawless reviews on the Internet. Contrary to what you might think, it is not that easy to create good amp cabinets.

The same thing can be said about the units that you buy from brick and mortar stores or from online sites. Make sure that the regular amp cabinet is built by a company that has a proper reputation. There are many that do not think about this and simply buy based on price. This can only lead towards making a really bad decision at the end of the day and ending up with guitar amp cabinets that are not that great or will not last long.

To conclude, amp cabinets are necessary for every single serious guitar player out there. Even if that is true, the enthusiast should never hurry and buy the first amp cabinet that he or she sees and that fits in a budget. It is important to take your time and know all the options that are available before making a final choice.


How To Buy Great AMP Cabinets for Sale| Custom Guitar Amp Cabinet

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